Key Accomplishments

The following summaries describe my achievements on a variety of data and information projects. They explain the problem my client was faced with, the actions I took to solve the problem, and the business results of my actions.

Summaries Quick Compensation Cost Modeling

Rapid construction of a compensation model helps a not-for-profit organization make informed policy decisions.

Data Processing Quality Assurance

Some slick data manipulation rescues a QA team that is mired in megabytes of data.

Enterprise Information Alignment

Establishing data standards becomes a critical success factor in this global business transformation project.

Intranet Content Analysis and Site Construction

A business research team has a month to make hundreds of documents easily accessible to its international users.

Information Center Catalog Consolidation

A corporate information center gets a new, standardized catalog database to support the sudden increase in its holdings.

Marketing Data Analysis Application Development

Successful development of a marketing data analysis application becomes the envy of all other projects in the firm.

Knowledge Management Initiative

A medium-sized consulting firm leverages the knowledge of its people by identifying and sharing best practices.