Consulting Services

The following are the key roles and services I can perform on your next data or information project:

Data Analyst
  • Metadata/Data Standards - Define requirements and specifications for enterprise metadata elements or data dictionaries; Define business rules and standard usage of data
  • Database Design and Development - Traditional entity-relationship diagramming or data warehouse dimensional modeling
  • Data Integration - Design message structures between systems or business platforms; Develop data maps and transformations
  • Data Conversion - Conduct analysis for moving content into (or out of) an application package platform; Transform data from one format to another; Import/Export data from databases; Perform data clean-up on existing databases
Information Architect
  • Business Taxonomies - Define and build taxonomy structures (authority files, controlled vocabulary or thesauri) for new or existing business information
  • Facet Analysis - Conduct content analysis and design metadata, structural and topical facets; Categorize, index and abstract business content
  • Site Search & Browse Enhancement - Enhance web site usability with better web site navigation, search and browse capabilities; add a Yahoo-like navigation scheme to your Web site; enhance Web site search function to give users more relevant results; Personalize information access so that users get only items of interest to them
  • Content Management - Program or customize an automatic classification software tool; Post content or customize content using a content management tool; Convert or port information from existing systems into new schemas
Business Analyst
  • Project Definition - Interview stakeholders and produce a document stating the problem or opportunity, objective, scope, resources and initial timeline of the project.
  • Requirements Analysis - Gather information and document preliminary assessment of the problem or situation. Assess the return on investment and benefits for the agreed scope. Produce the document that states the requirements for a successful solution.
  • Solution Design - Identify potential solutions, evaluate and select best course of action. Design and document the proposed solution along with the testing plan if applicable. Design a business process to support the new solution. Design the phased implementation of the solution.
  • Solution Development - Program or enable the solution.